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December 04, 2009


Such a great neighborhood, there is so much opportunity to do something really fantastic with that property 1) something to connect UNCG to downtown, 2) bring economic/tax dollars to Greensboro, 3) pay respect to the neighborhood. Instead and 4) reuse an awesome factory building for commercial and build more single family dwellings... instead we get high density dorms with a swimming pool ripe for a drunken frat party.

For those of you in the preservation community who need a plaster restoration resource, check out:


Estate Plaster is a locally owned, full-service plaster restoration company here in Greensboro.

Encouraged by the movement and concerned about myopic overdevelopment & crummy student housing...

I have to say, the signs aren't doing much to raise awareness; They don't read past 15 feet [not at all from a car], and look too much like a PIZZA BOX to be effective.

Please consider a redesign while there's still time.

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