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May 18, 2010


Hi. I am very glad that I found this Mojud Mill article on your website. I believe in historic industrial building preservation and rehabilitation, and I can relate to your Mojud Mill project. May I let you know that our 2 - 150 year old very large historic Yale Lock Manufacturing buildings in downtown Stamford, Connecticut were also successfully converted into a mixed use property by a developer recently, and is almost similar to your Mojud Mill project. This Yale building was vacant, and an eyesore to the community for many years, but it still retained it's historic value and building integrity. Our local historic societies had promoted the 2 buildings preservation, instead of demolition to build brand new buildings on the property. It has been completely remodeled by the developer, and is now a beautiful historic city centerpiece, and will also provide housing, office space, employment opportunities, and additional taxes for the City. If you would like more information about this Yale project, would you please contact me. Good luck with your Mojud Mill project too. I hope your project is as succesful as our quaint Yale historical buildings here in my area. Joe.

Great post! Was looking for information on this building that I drive or bike by on a daily basis. Unfortunately the latest information about the development of this is over a year old..? I hope that preservation of this building is still an option.

Thank you for this article. I am the great niece of John K. Voehringer, and this building is a very rich part of our family history. My grandfather, Fred A. Voehringer,Sr. was VP of the MoJud plant, in Decatur, AL. I am thrilled this building will be preserved, and placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Sharon Voehringer-Dierking
Birmingham, AL

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